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In-Line Small Square Baler
In-Line Small Square Baler

MF Small Square Baler

The MF 1840 centre-line baler is popular because of the design and well-established reputation as the perfect small, square baler. Whether you have a large or small operation, the MF 1840 will fit your requirements and budget perfectly. The wide, heavy-duty pick-up is ideal for high usage or contracting. It is guaranteed to produce consistent, densely packed bales that are the right size for easy handling, efficient storage and transport.


  • MF 1840 Small Square Baler: kW
  • Features:
    In-line design - runs directly behind the tractor
    Bale size - Width 457mm x Height 356mm x Length 1300mm
    Crops - Straw, hay, low moisture haylage
    Recommended power - 60 - 127 HP

    Superior feeding - 1.9-metre wide pick-up
    Bale size - Width 457mm x Height 356mm
    Bale length - up to 1300mm
    Recommended power - 60 - 127 HP
    PTO operating speed - 540 revs/min
    Bale Density System - Spring-loaded density control rails / Hydraulic density control
    [More specifications on the brochure]

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